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Black and White Photo with woman barefoot riding her gray horse and looking to the ocean water and beach ahead.

Ellen was born a creative. As a child, growing up in a large Irish American family, she was encouraged by a supportive mother, to express herself with crayon, pencils and paint on the walls and ceilings of her attic bedroom. All the way through high school, Ellen communicated naturally creatively developing an artist sanctuary of poetry and paintings- recording her dreams, hopes and fears. 

Upon graduating college with a Bachelor of Interior Design, Ellen founded her own award winning design firm, The Interior Merchandising Group enjoying a successful career designing interiors of model homes for national builders often providing her own art to a space. With her success in the design world, she was able to peel off more time and space to focus on her love of art including writing and illustrating her children's books.

Over the years Ellen has been successfully commissioned to paint for private clients and has sold her art to buyers in the United States as well as internationally. 

After raising her amazing sons, each extremely successful in their own careers, the artist resides 

on her family waterfront farm, where she focuses on her own creative projects almost daily inspired by nature, her family, and her many horses and dogs.   Ellen’s artistic expression has developed through many phases over the years resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective. 

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