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"Exploring the Influence of Art on Interior Design: How Art Can Transform a Space"

Updated: Feb 28

The old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, is as true today as it ever was!

By Ellen Carroll

As an artist and interior designer, I believe we lift or sink a space from our choice of art.

First impressions are lasting- so the selection of wall art must be considered carefully, if you want to create a positive emotion and memory ; art can make or break any space.

As an example, I have included some of my own art prints here in this slideshow -a random current collection of abstract, coastal and equestrian fine art prints. Each providing interest and complementing each space, while creating a meaningful atmosphere . It is a balancing act of sorts-a true puzzle putting the pieces together until they creatively sing. From relaxing and subdued, to rooms that feel fun and energized the moment you peek in- art can influence the statement your room speaks , so make your selections thoughtfully.

In the above cases I have included limited edition prints of my original art-all of which are offered in many sizes and printed with extremely high resolution, ink jet technology which even in the largest installations, do not lose the resolution of the original artwork. Presenting art through archival fine art prints, provides a fantastic, more affordable, yet gorgeous way to give your space a focal point, as you pull together your color palette and guide the mood of the space you hope to convey.

The accessories -framing and matting-if chosen, must be thoughtfully selected-from the width of each frame and mat-to the colors used all key factors in your final presentation..

In this slide show, notice the examples of thick, archival gallery wrapped canvas prints, shown in floating frames as well as frameless- a modern clean way to showcase your art, sending the message or mood you are hoping to invoke. Gallery wrapped canvas giclee prints are a beautiful, substantial way, to share the art you love in extra large, high resolution, sizes , without the price tag of an original work of that size, while retaining all the beauty.

Selecting art for any space is a creative responsibility; an important factor in the success of the design of the room as well as the success of the art to be “seen, heard and felt”.

Feel free to share your own reaction after viewing the slide show-feedback is welcomed and always appreciated.



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